"Developing a Comprehensive Therapeutic Research Strategy for the Converging Epidemics of TB, T2DM, and HIV" Workshop 2016

Sponsored by
National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases
National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases
Office of AIDS Research

May 10 and 11, 2016 | Rockville, Maryland

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Day 1 | May 10, 2016
Session 1: Current and Future Impact of the Converging Epidemics
Diabetes and Tuberculosis (DM/TB) - Synergistic Epidemics and Pathogenesis Mechanisms
Richard Hafner (National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases)
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The Bali Declaration on TB/Diabetes - How Do We Track Progress on Research and Policy?
Anil Kapur (World Diabetes Foundation)
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Effect of Diabetes on TB Epidemiology In High TB Burden Countries - Lessons from Modeling Studies
Hsien-Ho Lin (National Taiwan University)
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Making Health Systems Responsive to Deal with the Dual Burden of Diabetes Mellitus and Tuberculosis
Venkat Narayan (Emory University School of Medicine)
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TB-DM in a Hispanic and Obese Community Along the US-Mexico Border
Blanca I. Restrepo (University of Texas Science Health Center)
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TB, Diabetes, and Vitamin A
Megan Murray (Harvard School of Public Health)
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TB treatment outcomes among patients with diabetes: Review update and research gaps
Julia Critchley (St. George's, University of London)
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Implementation of Clinical Standards for Management and Prevention of Diabetes and TB in Low-Resource Settings
Richard Brostrom (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)
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Session 2: Pre-Clinical Research - Critical Gaps and Key Research Directions
Randy Basaraba (Colorado State University)
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Nuclear Receptors and Associated Proteins in Innate Immune Activation Pertaining to Metabolic Disorders and TB
Larry Schlesinger (The Ohio State University)
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Metabolite-Induced ROS Overproduction Activates the Diverse Biochemical and Molecular Mechanisms Underlying Diabetic Complications
Michael Brownlee (Albert Einstein College of Medicine)
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RAGE Signal Transduction Mediates Chronic Inflammation in Obesity, Type 2 Diabetes and its Complication: Mechanisms and Therapeutic Opportunities
Ann Marie Schmidt (NYU Langone Medical Center)
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Immunometabolic circuits in host defense
Mihai Netea (Radboud University Medical Center)
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Mouse models of TB with metabolic comorbidities
Hardy Kornfeld (University of Massachusetts Medical School)
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Pathogenesis of Diabetes-TB Comorbidity in the Guinea Pig Model
Brendan Podell (Colorado State University)
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Day 2 | May 11, 2016
Session 3: Clinical Research to Improve Management and Prevention
Session Overview
Hardy Kornfeld (University of Massachusetts Medical School)
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Diabetes Prevention and Tuberculosis
Susan Fisher-Hoch (University of Texas Health Science Center)
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Treatment of Latent TB and T2DM
Dick Menzies (McGill University)
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Impact of Glucose Metabolism Disorder in Pulmonary TB
Bruno Andrade (FIOCRUZ)
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Clinical Management of Combined TB and Diabetes
Reinout van Crevel (Radboud University Medical Center)
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Drug-Drug Interactions in TB-Diabetes and HIV-TB
Kelly Dooley (Johns Hopkins University)
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Host-Directed Therapies and their Impact on DM+TB co-epidemic
Amit Singhal (Singapore Immunology Network)
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Session 4: Integrated Research Approaches, Including Implementation
TB-Diabetes: From Targeted LTBI Testing to TB Treatment Outcomes in California
Lisa Pascopella (California Department of Public Health)
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Influence of pre-diabetes on the immunity to pulmonary tuberculosis and latent tuberculosis
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Immune-endocrine Interactions in Type 2 Diabetes During Latent and Active TB
Katharina Ronacher (Stellenbosch University)
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Vitamin D on TB - Clinical Trial Update and Possible Implications for TB/Diabetes
Adrian Martineau (Queen Mary University of London)
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Tuberculosis-Diabetes in India : Advocacy, Operational Research and Program Implementation
Ajay M. V. Kumar (International Union Against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease)
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