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Prof. Dr Tom Ottenhoff has longstanding and internationally recognized expertise in the fields of immunology, immunopathology, immunogenetics and cell biology of infectious diseases caused by mycobacteria, particularly leprosy and tuberculosis. He has made several recognized contributions to the characterisation of the human T cell response against mycobacterial pathogens, including the identification of many novel antigens and epitopes, and the cellular and molecular mechanisms that control immunity to mycobacteria. Furthermore, Tom Ottenhoff is part of several international consortia focusing on tuberculosis.

Principal Investigator

Photo of Prof. Tom H.M. Ottenhoff Prof. Tom H.M. Ottenhoff
Head of Group
Albinusdreef 2, 2333 ZA Leiden, Netherlands
Tel: +31 71 526 2620
Fax: +31 71 526 6758

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Simone Joosten
Tel: +31 71 526 2620
Fax: +31 71 526 6758
Role in the project:  Post doctoral fellow

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