Massachusetts General Hospital launches phase II trial of BCG vaccine to reverse Type I Diabetes

September 01, 2015

After having demonstrated a statistically significant response of patients with autoimmune type I diabetes to the bacille Calmette-Guerin (BCG) vaccine, a vaccine normally used against tuberculosis (TB), the Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) is now starting a phase II trial. In the trial, 150 adults with long-term type I diabetes will be randomized to receive two injections of either BCG or placebo four weeks apart and then a single injection annually for the next four years.

During the proposed 5-year study, the investigators will see whether repeated injections of the TB vaccine BCG can suppress the immune system attack that causes type I diabetes and improve blood sugar levels in people with long-standing diabetes. Reinout van Crevel and Hazel Dockrell recently attended a meeting in Verona organized by the PI of the trial, Dr Faustmann, to discuss the potential role of BCG in treating diabetes and other autoimmune diseases.

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